How to change the IP address on a ESX 3.5

Sometimes we install an ESX server. Later on to be moved towards an new network.

Changing the IP address is a bit tricky


Rename VMware Virtual machines on ESX

Sometimes create VM's under certain name but wanted to change afterwards.
While finding out that the "Rename" option renames the "friendly name" in Virtual Center, On ESX level the old name still continueus to exist. Which results in confusions. Embarassed


Understanding VMware ESX virtual machine physical and virtual hardware

You can better manage virtual machines by understanding the virtual hardware that makes up a VM. This tip explores VM physical and virtual hardware issues, including configuring virtual hardware and assigning virtual memory.


Determining the right size for your VMware VMFS data stores

Determining the right size for your VMware Virtual Machine File System data stores is important, because once you size a data store it's difficult to change it.

Correctly determining data store size depends on several factors that you may not have considered. It's not just about the projected total size of the number of virtual disk files you want to put on a single logical unit number. You also need to account for the companion files that make up a virtual machine.

VMware vLockstep update with David Davis

VMware's upcoming high-availability feature, vLockstep, helps prevent downtime by creating a "ghost" virtual machine that contains replicated memory and apps. Virtualization expert David Davis explains from the show floor of the Data Center Decisions conference.


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