Installing telnet client on ESX host

Here are the steps to install the telnet client on an ESX host:



How to fail over a HA if VC is not available

It's not recommeded by VMware, but lot of people are placing the system containing VC on a ESX hosts. Placing it in HA cluster is not really helping either. Especially if we want to upgrade the current ESX host :-(


VMware ESX & vCenter Server Alerts

ESX 4.0: If you plan to upgrade ESX 4.0 to 4.0 Update 1, it is critical to read KB article 1016070 before proceeding with the upgrade.

vCenter Server: vCenter Server: If you have ESXi hosts connected to vCenter Server 4.0, please do not upgrade vCenter Server to Update 1 before installing the patch referenced in KB article 1016262


Changing ESX Service Console memory

During default ESX installation, Service Console will be allocated 272MB of memory. Most of time, it is sufficient. However, if you have third party software installed in Service Console



How to change the IP address on a ESX 2.5

Found these procedure on the web:


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