Replacing character " by _

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Replacing character " by _

Postby daniel » Wed Feb 20, 2008 3:06 pm


I've create a report which takes several fields into an excel sheet.
Recently have I added summary. This works well except for call in which into the summary the double quote (") are used.

Is there a way inside SQL to quickly to change this.


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Postby Ega » Wed Feb 20, 2008 3:50 pm

I do this as follow:

- Open 'SQL Query Analyser'
- Goto the correct database (usally mdb)
- Enter the following query:
update call_req
set summary = replace(summary,'"','_')
where summary like '%"%'

- Execute it with pressing F5
- As you will notice everything is ok into the database by Service desk is still responding like before. Therefor restart the 'Unicenter Service Desk' services.

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Postby Darco » Wed Feb 20, 2008 6:57 pm

Should be possible by pdm_extract and pdm_load.
But then of course you need to use something like wordpad to change the character into a correct one.

Perhaps the best way of doing. Involve SQL to do the job.


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